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Use the given tool to add/subtract a particular number of days to/from a specific date.

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Planning a surprise party for a friend's birthday, but you're unsure about the exact date. With our date calculator, precisely determine the exact date by adding the remaining days to the current date. 

A Brief History of The Gregorian Calendar:

The Gregorian calendar introduced a leap day in February during leap years, with standard years having 365 days. According to it, The months of April, June, September, and November have 30 days, while the rest have 31 days except for February. February has 28 days in a standard year and 29 days in a leap year.

Derived from the Julian calendar, The Roman calendar, based on lunar observations, led to inaccuracies in tracking the solar year. Julius Caesar reformed it in 46 BC, introducing a 365-day year and a leap day every four years. Pope Gregory XIII made further adjustments by skipping 10 days in 1582 and changing leap year rules. Even though it took time, but now the Gregorian calendar is most famous and used worldwide. 

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How To Add or Subtract Days From A Given Date?

Here are the steps:

To Add Days:

  • Start with a date
  • Count the desired number of days
  • Add days to date


Suppose the birthday of your son is coming after 50 days but you don't know the exact date. For doing all the preparations you need to be aware of the exact date. So that all the arrangements can take place timely.

To cope with this situation, use a time and date calculator. Choose the current date, and add 50 days to it with the help of the tool and you will have the exact date right in front of you. 

To Subtract Days:

  • Begin with a date
  • Count the desired number of days
  • Subtract the number of days from date


Assume you joined a new company one month ago, but you forget the exact date of joining. Now you need to know the date of joining. Select the current date in our calculator and subtract one month from it and that's it, you will have the joining date. 

How To Use The Date Calculator?

To use the tool precisely, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Input Starting Date: Whenever you open the day calculator, the date is automatically set to the current date. Add the start date in which you want to add years, months, weeks, or days. 
  • Starting Time: Click on the today, yesterday, tomorrow, or now button to the time in the specified field to input the current, past, or future time as per your wish
  • Add Year, Months, weeks, and Days: Enter the years, months, weeks, or days that you want to add or subtract from the starting date
  • Choose The Operation: Select the type of operation from the drop-down menu that you want to perform on the date.
  • Ending Time: Add the current or the ending time
  • Calculate: To calculate date, press the “calculate” button and you will see the exact date along with the alternative time units for a better understanding


How Do I Know If It Is A Leap Year?

For a year to be a leap, it must be divisible by 4 except for the century year, which must be divisible by 400.

Can This Date Calculator Determine The Future Date of A Recurring Event?

Yes, it can determine the future dates of recurring events. Inputting the initial date into the calculator, and adding the “N” number of days remaining in the happening of the event will provide you with the exact date of the event happening.